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Having a trustworthy logo that stands for your company's values is important. CbyD offers a wide range of logo packages that get you noticed.
Ocean Forest Farm Logo Design

Company logos are really important to any company’s corporate identity. It is the first thing people see and the one thing they always remember. It is not something you should take lightly when getting your company logo designed.  CbyD designs unique high quality logos that get your company noticed.

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Pay As You Go


Suitable for small projects with a tight budget, one man bands and tweaks that don’t warrant the ‘Full Monty’ service.

We work at our standard rate of $75 an hour with a minimum charge of $750. This gives you 10 hours design time. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated along the way with how much time you have left in your budget, and of course, you can always buy more time.

Logo Design Examples:

Small Business Logo Design

$1400 AUD

Suitable for small businesses for one office or small online enterprises, start-up’s, individual consultants or self-employed people.


  • Logo concept designs, development of logo, revision’s and fine tuning.
  • Logo artwork files that include image files for on-screen and office use along with scalable vector graphics.
  • A logo guide that specifies colours used in the logo (CMYK, and Hex) along with font(s).
  • A favicon for your website

Logos For Larger Businesses

From $3,200

Suitable for businesses with a large online presence, companies undertaking a rebranding, product or event branding, consultancy firms and projects for the public sector.


  • Screen based research into the business sector, looking into competitors, the target market, and brand values, history, aim’s and objectives.
  • The creation of brief for our design team.
  • Art direction to ensure the creative ideas are on target.
  • Logo concept, development work, revisions and fine tuning (with screen sharing sessions if this is required)
  • Master logo artwork files not only for on screen but office use, print and for subcontractors.
  • Basic identity creation — design and artwork for main applications such as stationery, signs etc
  • Brand identity guidelines that include’s standard logo composition, typefaces used, minimum  logo size, exclusion zones, logo colours, a mono version/s, and the dos and don’ts.

Does your company logo need refreshing? CbyD can also freshen up your tired logo to take your company forward into the future.

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