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A website build with a focus on getting more client and a higher search ranking.
By Danielle Murdoch 4 years ago
Personalised the website

The Website Brief

Selma and Andre from Expressions Photography hired Abundance Designs to give their corporate identity and overhaul and with that, they wanted their website updated with a look and feel that matches. Created By Danielle has worked with Abundance Designs before on their own and Karen Munting Architect’s website. It was nice to work with Abundance Designs founder Madeleen once again to complete Expressions Photography’s new look and feel.

The new wedding photography website had to be simple, clean design that displayed their photographs first, followed by information about the event or services they offer. After all, they are selling their photography skills and style foremost.

Expressions Photography wanted a website that was user-friendly for their clients by having an actual functioning search that allowed their clients and family or friends of their clients to navigate quickly to the desired shoot.

Selma and Andre, are constantly working shoots, post-processing the photos and updating their website on a weekly basis. They needed a website with a content management system (CMS), like WordPress so that they could update their website themselves. This meant that they are able to learn how their new CMS works and if needed get support from their developer or tutorials from the Internet.

Expressions Photography already had an existing website that over time had become dated and lacked all the goodies that search engines required to help them rank within the search results. They needed a brand new website that would allow them to develop good quality search terms and place them higher in the search results and have more potential clients enquire about their services.

Firstly we wanted a beautiful site to showcase our images and our new branding, and secondly, and very importantly we needed someone who could offer guidance with regards to SEO.  ‘Created by Danielle’ offered both of these.  Nothing was too much effort for Danielle.  She took all of our ideas and images and created magic.
– Selma Ohlsson

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We focused on SEO Content Development From the Beginning:

First steps to being able to be search engine optimised ( SEO) is having content to start with.  I guided Selma and Andre through the steps to create good quality content, keywords and meta descriptions. Starting with their static pages and following up with their existing photography shoots they wanted to display on the new website.

We didn’t focus on an overused search term such as “Photography” as they would be competing with thousands of companies all trying to do the same thing. We took the long tail approach and focused on local search results using Cape Town, South Africa. We tried to target what brides-to-be would actually search when looking for ideas and an ultimately a wedding photographer. These included such terms as potential destination wedding location and wedding styles.  This will give Expressions Photography the best spread in terms of search keywords possible.

Expressions Photography Logo

We are proud to boast the Expressions Photography had 5x the conversions within a week of launching!

Developing SEO copy isn’t an easy task, however between Selma and Andre writing the content, under my watchful eye we developed and fine tuned each page. We initially gave them a while paper on creating keywords, meta descriptions and content based on the particular topic. However, when we saw that they were struggling with the concept of keywords and meta descriptions, we stepped in and built a spreadsheet in Google documents that we both can log into and edit together when necessary.

We Created an Individual Website Design Using a Premium WordPress Theme.

Expressions Photography is built using WordPress’s most popular theme – Avada, however with a few tweak to the code we were able to give a personal spin to the homepage design.

Expressions Photography’s new logo draws inspiration of all Selma and Andre’s personal interests, you will notice that one part of their hobbies is to travel all over the world. This is noted in their logo with a tiny airplane circling around their head. It was this shape that lead us to the use of the three circles on the home page.

SEO Content Development
We Created an Individual Website Design Using a Premium WordPress Theme.

We Made the Website Personal

When choosing someone who will capture your special day, you hope to understand the photographer and inadvertently form a bond, so the person behind the lens can draw out your personality and capture those special moments. Like they know it’s going to happen before it does.

By placing large interactive (through parallax scroll) images of Selma and Andre throughout the site, creates a bond and hopefully develops a rapport as the potential client pursues the website.

We Introduced Responsive Website Layouts

With the ever increasing use of browsing on mobile phones and tablets, we ensured Selma and Andre that their website is 100% responsive. When selecting photography it is hard to ensure the main focus on the image is in the correct location for when viewing on a mobile device. There were times where we had to replace images just so the focus on the image was in the correct location.

We Got Expressions Photography Google Maps integrations and Google + Links to develop Local SEO search results.

Created By Danielle organised the Google Map listing, by entering their business location on Google Places and since Expressions Photography already had an existing Google Plus page, we helped them merge the two profiles together once the address had been verified.

Expressions Photography has a great example of a well filled out social profile that will be incorporated into their search engine result page.

Local SEO search results

We Optimised the Photographs With Lazy Loading  and Improved Page Loading Times

Photographers are used to working with large format images, but websites need to be as small as possible to ensure fast page loading times. The first thing we had to do was make sure all the images had to be carefully saved out in the correct format to bring them down from 20mb to 200kb! Then once uploaded we activated lazy loading. Lazy loading images means the image won’t load before the user scrolls down to them. Which will help reduce page loading time and server loads.


Selma and Andre’s photography finally has a website that showcases their individual style without compromising on size and also captures people who are browsing on other devices. It was a proud moment when I realised they loved their new website and were keen to learn how to upload new projects to their site.

We were blown away when Selma informed us that within a week of launching they had several new enquires and a couple of bookings straight from the new website!

Expressions Photography Testimonial

When we realized that it was time to create a new website there were two aspects that were really important to us.  Firstly we wanted a beautiful site to showcase our images and our new branding, and secondly, and very importantly we needed someone who could offer guidance with regards to SEO.  ‘Created by Danielle’ offered both of these.  Nothing was too much effort for Danielle.  She took all of our ideas and images and created magic.

We initially thought that it would be hard working with someone on another continent.  But not at all!  Danielle was always prompt at answering emails, and being able to chat on Skype made us feel totally at ease, and the distance did not matter at all.  Danielle supplied us with the ‘know how’ to make sure our content was SEO compliant, and it prompted us to read up a little and as a result, we feel far more confident on the subject now.

Selma and Andre from Expressions Photography

Our favourite part of the project was the excitement of receiving emails with updates when there was a new page to view.  And then finally when the site went live, seeing all of Danielle’s hours of hard work making our images come to life was fantastic!   Danielle also supplied us with a number of help documents for adding content, and it’s wonderful to know that she offers the options for support and maintenance in the future.  We would have absolutely no doubt in recommending ‘Created by Danielle.’

– Selma Ohlsson

View Expressions Photography beautiful photography style on their new website.

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