Social Media Strategy For Business

Social media are a great channel to gain brand recognition and a loyal audience through posting, engagement and sharing their content. It’s easy to use, it’s free and everyone is involved in a social media channel or two.
Social Media Stragey

How Your Company Can Benefit From Social Media

Social proof for your company is imperative these days. Even if your company has a great website, potential customers want to ensure your company is getting great reviews from your past customers and see that you are spending time engaging with your audience, responding to their comments, quickly resolving any issues or just informing them of special deals about to be launched.

However, not every company has the time to maintain an ongoing strategy and finds itself lacking in post ideas, forgetting to respond to comments  and before you know it, months have slipped past and your audience has forgotten about your brand.

Don’t let that be you – hire CbyD to give you the support your company deserves!

Standard Plan
  • Up to 3 posts per week across all your social media platforms
  • Monthly content creation
  • Monthly reporting (results analysis,Google traffic, recommendations to improve performance
  • Email Skype Phone Support
Professional Plan
  • Social media strategy for campaigns that can occur throughout the year.
  • Monthly social media content creation
  • Daily execution to all social media platforms
  • Monthly reporting (results analysis, Google traffic, recommendations to improve performance
  • Email Skype Phone Support
  • Newsletter Design
  • Newsletter Bi-Monthly Deployment
  • Reporting noteworthy comments, mentions or issues on social media
  • Engaging with social media mentions, comments or issues to develop a community
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Social Media Scheduling Service

Got all your posts ready with copy, images, videos or links but don’t have the time to schedule them out? If that’s the case, then you just need a light weight scheduling service. All you have to do is periodically send CbyD your raw posts and we will schedule them to post at regular intervals that suit your brand needs.

Cost: $125/mo

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Strategy Feature Breakdown

Social Media Posts

By posting regularly on to your chosen channels means your audience is getting familiar with your brand and will engage with it more often. This causes a chain reaction as their friends see them interact with it and decided to also engage. Thus, sharing your brand around their community and unknowingly growing your brand. Posts are what get published onto your social channels at regular intervals. Depending on your business and social channels depends on how often you may want this to occur. Social channels like Twitter can require a few tweets per day to keep the engagement level high whereas Google+ and Facebook may only require a minimum of 3 post per week. Not sure what you need? Schedule a social media consultation for get a full report on what can improve your social media position and how to get the best engagement out of your followers. From as little as $150 per report.

Content Creation

Copy, video, images, quotes, links and company updates is all content. To make your brand interesting, you need to include a combination of everything to entice people to engage with your brand. CbyD vets content that is shared or creates new content* relevant to your brand. Our strategy includes a wide variety of media to satisfy the different types of people within your audience. For example, we would publish a promotion from your company one day and share a video about your topic the next. This is to ensure your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed with the same type of content and become bored with your brand and decided to unfollow your channel. *CbyD only creates copy and images to associate with your brand, these might be a mini flyer showing latest deals or beautiful quotes. CbyD does not create new video footage, take photographs or write new blog content, these are extra services that can be discussed if needed.

Monthly Reporting

There is a treasure trove of information about your social media audience. Reading and understanding these statistics will help you discover what your potential customers love or hate and in turn help you make the right choice for your company. You will receive a full monthly report with detailed explanations on which posts got the most engagement in terms of shares, comments, likes or mentions in an easy to read manner. CbyD will also make recommendations based on what has been occurring over the month.

Newsletter Design / Deployment

Newsletters are really effective marketing as they are completely targeted to people who have either signed up because they are interested in your brand or who have made a purchase off your company in the past. How could you go wrong? CbyD will set you up with a newsletter service and provide you with the relevant information to incorporate it into your website. The newsletter design will suit your company brand and what type of content you want send out to your potential customers. Then either monthly or bi-monthly you will supply CbyD with the copy or products you would like to send out and CbyD will ensure it is laid out in a stylishly and sent out when your customers are most likely to check their emails. You will be able to receive reports on how many people opened and clicked your newsletter.

Engaging with social media mentions, comments or issues to develop a community.

Spending time to engage with your audience is crucial to your brand awareness and social proof. However, not everyone has the time to engage at a post by post rate. CbyD takes that hassle away by spending time engaging, responding to people’s queries in a professional manner that suits your company’s persona.

Reporting Social Media Mentions, Comments, Messages Or Issues

People find it easy to make comments, ask questions and sometimes vent their issues, especially when they see you are making an effort to continuously update your social media channels. By engaging with them or responding back to negative comments will help increase social engagement and ultimately help your brand recognition spread further. CbyD will report continuously when you need to jump on your channels and respond to something or just click like when its a share.

Social media strategy for campaigns

To encourage people to engage with your brand whether that is sharing a post, commenting on it or even just clicking the like button we set out several campaigns that are spread out over the year. The campaigns will last longer than a general post and should run simultaneously with your standard post schedule. Ideally they will incorporate a prize to entice more people to follow your instructions. *CbyD can help come up with the ideas and schedule them into your social media calendar but there will be an extra fee occurred to create the marketing material to maintain the campaign and any other extra features such as setting up a website landing page, Facebook landing page etc. This will have to be quoted at a per campaign level as it depends on what you are wanting to do.

Skype / Phone Support

Need to talk about an event, a new website feature or product you want to push socially. We ensure we are accessible to all our clients in the easiest method possible.

Terms and Conditions For All Social Media Packages:

  • CbyD will require administrator access to Google Analytics and any social media account. CbyD will discuss with you how to share or give access at the time of employment.
  • CbyD is not responsible for the additional costs of advertising occurred during running an advert or a campaign on Google Adwords or on a social media channel.
  • If any stock images or videos are required then the client will be informed to purchase them separately. That way it ensures the usage rights to the images or video belongs to the client. And they can continue to use them on their website or any other social media strategies.
  • CbyD required a 50% deposit of any campaign / advert before commencing work and the remainder to be paid promptly before running the campaign. This has been born out of necessity.
  • or all social media packages, CbyD requires the client to pay a month in advance before CbyD commences work.

You Too Can Expand Your Company Reach With Social Media

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