Search Engine Optimise Your Website

SEO is about encouraging people to find your site and not your competitor’s. By optimising your website gives your website the boost it needs to be recognised as valuable content within the search ranks. We focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by developing search result goals for your website, creating a strategy and implement it. With ongoing monitoring and periodic reviewing we can give your website a better future.
Search Engine Optimise Your Website

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of fine tuning your website’s content, images and meta descriptions with the goal of getting traffic organically from search engine results.

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What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO is one of the most effective and important online marketing strategies your website has to offer. SEO comes into play by making your website rank higher across all search engines. The benefits are endless, but here are just a few important ones:

  • Create clear content that is not only good for search bots but also readable for humans.
  • The knowledge of what content you are displaying and where. This creates brand unity across the web.
  • The higher you rank, the more brand awareness you create, inturn people will associate this with trust and deem you an industry expert.
  • People clicking through from search engines are genuinely interested in what your site offers, therefore they are more likely to make a purchase or get in touch.

What is Created By Danielle’s SEO process:

We Analyse Existing Content

We will analyse your existing content, keywords, call to actions and images to see where you are currently sitting in the search engine results page (SERP). This will give us a base to work with and compare our changes too.

Keyword Planning

By reviewing your target market, we can create a set of keywords that will work well for your website and are the most effective in being presented in search results. We will generally recommend long-tail keywords as they are often a viable strategy for smaller business.

Create a Content Plan

We will apply what we have learnt from the analysis of the existing content with the keyword goals we created to formulate a content plan. This is effectively a checklist of what copy requires updating and/or a list of new content to cover any missing keyword topics we might have discovered.

Implement Your Individual SEO Plan

After all this planning and reviewing, we will guide you on creating the perfect content and help you apply it to your website. This will help your website increase web presence and increase page authority.

Review existing SEO structure and give advice

Maybe you already have an SEO strategy in place, but have the feeling it’s a bit outdated or just not getting the results you are looking for. The team here at Created By Danielle can review your existing SEO plan and give a written report on what you are missing and how you can rectify this issue and get your website back on track.

Local SEO

Making sure your content, keyword goals and target market matchup by ensuring that you are including terms that will put you on the map where you are based and where you want to be found. This is done by properly optimising your business information on your website using NAP (Name, Address and Phone number), updating business listings on local websites and ensuring an appropriate local link strategy.

Quality Link Building

Link building is a crucial part to building your website domain authority, as it creates a relationship between the two sites and search engines crawl them to determine popularity of the site in question.

New websites may have all the right content structure and SEO tweaks but often they lack quality links to rank well within the search results.

Created By Danielle reviews each site, that is already linking to your website to determine if it is a good match or if we should remove the link. The same rigorous procedure is applied to new website we may want to link to.

Link building should not be done lightly, it has had a dark spammy past. Since Google’s Penguin update websites get penalised for having low quality irrelevant links to their site or being linked by low quality websites.

The Second Stage of Search Engine Optimisation:

Setting Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool to analyse where your visitors are coming from and how they are behaving on your site. Created By Danielle will set up a free Google Analytics account for you with a customised dashboard to track your SEO goals.

Creating and Submitting Sitemap to Search Engines

After creating an optimised sitemap for your website, we utilizing Google and Bing’s webmasters tools we are able to submit your websites site map to ensure their bots start indexing your site as quickly as possible. Webmasters tools are also good to track keywords and any site issues that may have arisen without your knowledge.

Monthly SEO Report

SEO is an on-going procedure that needs monthly reports to confirm your website is heading in the right direction. We can help you track your keyword ranks across the major search engines and create monthly reports on your keyword rankings and give advice on what is trending today.

Quarterly Review

Results are not instant, though we wish it was! We like to review our SEO plan quarterly to ensure your website goals haven’t changed and/or implement any changes search engine algorithms might have applied. In these quarterly reviews, we can chat about how your website has been working for you and if we should adjust your plan to accommodate new ideas, thoughts or current business ventures. As the internet grows, search engines are always tweaking their algorithms to suit modern technology and the way we search. Our SEO procedure is quality content driven, but it is always best practice to stay on top of changes.

Frequently Asked

SEO Questions

When will I see my website on page one?

Even after the search engines have indexed your site, you may never get on page one – I can not and will not promise you this as it is an unrealistic goal.

There are many external factors to why your site isn’t ranking well even after search engine optimisation. Your site might be young or your subject might have a lot of high level competition.

With careful planning and good content base you may get some keywords ranking on page one.

When will Google be finished with indexing my site?

Search bots have a time frame of their own, I can not tell you when they will start let alone finish indexing your site. You can however, adjust the times it may access your site to prevent them from slowing down your site during peak times.

What Does Blackhat Mean?

Blackhat is SEO tricks people play to try to rank number one. All search engines frown upon Black-hat tricks and when caught you will be heavily penalised or your site might be taken down until you can prove its been amended.

All our strategies focus on improving actual content and links creating a better page authority, which is all White-hat (good) techniques.

What is the difference between Long-tail keyword and normal keyword?

Trying to optimise your content to rank well for a keyword like “t-shirt” is incredibly hard due to so many larger/older websites already rank well for it. However, if you change your focus to a longer more defined keyword such as “Animal print t-shirts for my cat” you are throwing out a larger net to a wider audience.

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